What is Member Engine?

Are you tired of complex association management software that can’t do what you need, compartmentalizes your data in aggravating ways, and wastes your staff’s time? Perhaps your organization has complex needs when it comes to managing all the aspects of your association and it’s membership, and it seemed like the options to meet those extensive requirements were limited at best. Not anymore. Our platform has been built from the ground up to be a user-friendly and true all-in-one solution that can meet the needs of even the most complex association. Member Engine is configurable to your exact needs and offers full donor management and volunteer management add-ons for a one-stop software solution for your organization.


An at a glance’ view of the metrics and data that are most important to you, with the added benefit of offering users the ability to build their own dashboard customized to their exact needs.

Members and Dues

Simplify and automate the collection of dues, no matter how complex your association is structured. Collect funds via cash, credit, cheque or bank withdrawal.

Track all the information about your members in a customized profile, with support for as many levels of membership you need.
Membership Engine also supports both individual and organizational memberships.

Events and Ticketing

End-to-end event management integrated directly with your member database. Seamlessly sell tickets to small events or manage your entire conference. Automatically provide your members with discounts on registration, set early bird prices, and offer promotions as well!

Smart Automation and Workflow

Automate your renewal communications on any schedule you’d like. Instantly receipt new members or hold their membership for approval.

Allow your members to store a credit card for auto-renewal of their membership each year.

Member Database

A 360-degree view of any member or prospective member tracked in your database. See contact information, past and current membership records, payments, event attendance, purchases and communications at a glance, or dig in for more detailed information.

All supported by an audit log that tracks every single change made by every single user.

Marketing and Communication

Complete email marketing built in, segment your membership in any way you'd like, or send mass communications to your entire list.

Empower your members to communicate with each other via our industry leading forum / listserv hybrid that is directly integrated to the platform. Your members can talk with each other in their preferred method and the system will sync the two in real time. No more hours wasted trying to manage who does and doesn’t have access to your listserv - Member Engine takes care of it for you automatically.

Documents and Collaboration

Manage the institutional knowledge of your organization with our powerful document library. Control who has access to documents and store that wealth of information in an easily searchable and sortable database that can be effortlessly organized.

Create workgroups / committees of members who can collaborate on document creation in real time, hold private forums for communication, and even manage specific parts and pages of your website.

Website Platform

ME also offers a industry leading website platform that is just as powerful and easy to use as Member Engine, but if you already have a website you're happy with, Member Engine works with any website issue!

Donor Management

Our complete Donor Management platform is available as well. See donation activity on membership profiles and membership information on donor profiles.

This optional add-on supercharges your software platform to be an end-to-end donation management system as well as providing world-class association management.


From the basic building blocks of our software to the end-user, security is a key concern.

Every step of the way we've taken great care to ensure your data stays safe and secure.


Built from the ground up with a focus on a streamlined, efficient and easy experience for our users.

Everyone promises their software is easy to use, we actually deliver.

Volunteer Management

Recruit, communicate and schedule shifts for your volunteers quickly and efficiently through Donor Engine.

View and report on volunteer activity along with donations and any other data relevant to your volunteers all in one place.